2021 overseas membership form

There are two overseas subscription rates, Europe (including Eire) and the Rest of the World. The magazine is published every 2 months. You will receive 6 magazines a year. Please tick the appropriate box and complete the remainder of the form. You can pay using PAYPAL and convert the currency here.

You can also join us at the same time as buying paper from our Supplies Site.

£10.00 e-membership no paper copy pdf magazines only
£40.00 Europe inc. e-membership Living in Europe
£45.00 Rest of the World US$ cheque or cash $82 inc. e-membership

Living outside Europe (eg Japan, USA)

Any overseas member who has a very low income can apply in confidence to the General Secretary or Membership Secretary for details of reduced rates. You can pay by Mastercard or Visa or by cheque, please note the only cheques we can accept drawn in a foreign currency are US$ cheques drawn on a bank in the USA.

Overseas members ONLY may pay by credit card. The only overseas cheques we can accept in foreign currency are US$ drawn on a bank in the USA.

Cheques should be made payable to THE BRITISH ORIGAMI SOCIETY. If you prefer to pay directly to our Bank please quote the following details, plus your name and address.

Overseas members bank information : IBAN no. GB44 BARC 2074 0510 2044 04 no. BARCGB22
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Great Shelford
British Origami Society

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I/we paid £ _____ directly to the Society's Bank Account on _______ (date)

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I/we agree to abide by the Rules of the Society.

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You may wish to add to your subscription a further donation to the British Origami Society

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Thank you very much!

If not paying through paypal, send this form with payment to:

BOS, Judy Hart, 1 Coronation Avenue, Victorian Road, Stoke Newington, London N16 8DT, England

Please contact Judy direct if you wish to use any other method of payment.