Here are some models that should make good ice-breakers at mini-meetings.  Some old, some new, all recommended by one or more mini-meeting organisers:

Ali’s Dish by Nick Robinson
Baby Shoe by Katsushi Nosho
Clingons by David Mitchell
Coaster-Rosette by Loes Schakel
Walking Crab by Shoko Aoyagi part 1part 2
Diplodocus by Javier Caboblanco
Dove by Alice Gray
Dress by Alison Reisel
Fan (or maybe a table-tennis bat?) by Fumiaki Shingu
Toshie Takahama’s Jewel – folding method by Mick Guy
Ninja Star – two-piece model
What a lot of Otters!  (several models by Dave Brill and Max Hulme)
Traditional Bird drawn by Gabrielle Seitz
Samurai Helmet with Face (trad. with idea by Paul Hanson)
Stunt Plane by Max Hulme
The Captain’s Shirt – model with story for entertainment
Simple Unicorn’s Head by Paul Hanson