BOS welcomes requests from organisations for its members to teach or demonstrate origami.  Sometimes the BOS has been asked to provide Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) checks for members. (DBS checks are required for individuals who may work have regular contact with, or take sole responsibility for, children or vulnerable adults). A DBS check (or the Scottish, Welsh or NI equivalent) is not required where an individual is accompanied at all times by the client, or client’s representative).  If the event is at an organisation such as a youth club, school, hospital, etc. where children or vulnerable adults are present then the usual responsible adult should be present e.g. youth leader, teacher, nurse, etc.

The BOS is unable to provide DBS checks for members and therefore advises that members do not accept commissions where a DBS check might be deemed necessary.

Clients are reminded that BOS makes no recommendations as to the abilities of its members, nor does BOS accept any responsibility for their work.

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