We have an internet-based discussion group open only to active BOS members. It opens up a channel for members to contribute to BOS discussions, further the spread of origami techniques and models and allow those who cannot attend conventions or mini-meetings to feel an active part of a society.

Subscribe by contacting the secretary (you’ll need your BOS membership number).

BOSmail guidelines
The group is intended for subscribed members of the BOS to exchange messages regarding origami and the Society in general. Messages on this list do not necessarily reflect official Society policy. The BOS is not responsible for opinions offered.

  • Messages should be clearly related to origami or the Society.
  • Personal replies should not be sent to the group but to the individual concerned.
  • Message content should avoid politics, race, religion and all similar topics.
  • Messages breaching guidelines will be removed and the poster advised as to why.
  • Typing in capitals is considered SHOUTING. Use a mix of upper and lower-case letters.
  • Don’t post blatant advertisements or commercial messages.
  • Quotes should be kept short – delete all but the essential parts of the quoted message.
  • Be brief and think about your audience – be careful with humour and sarcasm.
  • Use descriptive subjects so readers can skip messages with confidence.
  • Attachments should be approved by a moderator before being posted.
  • Moderators will write to some individuals, advising them of good group practise.
  • Members ignoring such advice would be unsubscribed for three months, after which they should reapply for inclusion.
  • Further breaches would lead to exclusion for the period of their BOS membership