Present Envelope by Olga Soukharevsky (page 2)
QRSTUVWXYZ - Stars by Meenakshi Mukerji (page 3)
RSTUVWXYZ Octagons by Mark Leonard (page 4)
Whizzer by Traditional (page 5)
Prism Puzzle by Max Hulme (page 6)
Creating A Pentagon by John Smith (page 9)
Letter Fold by John Cunliffe (page 10)
Frame by John Cunliffe (page 11)
Surprise Tetrahedron by Carmen Sprung (page 12)
Rabbit by JuanFran Carrillo (page 14)
Card Spinner by Giles Towning (page 20)
Star Box by Phillip Shen (page 25)
Cat & Cat Washing It's Face by Kunihiko Kasahara (page 26)
Owl by Kunihiko Kasahara (page 27)
Lovebird Greetings by Robert Neale (page 28)
Road To Nowhere by Quentin Trollip (page 34)

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