Flip-Out Fold & W Cupboard Door Fold by Gay Merril Gross (page 1)
Double Heart by John Cunliffe (page 2)
Pop Up Cube by Edwin Corrie (page 5)
Winged Waterbomb by Traditional (page 7)
Leaf Tessellation by Ted Darwin (page 20)
Book of Matches by Laurie Bisman (page 21)
Medallion Star by Tung Ken Lam (page 22)
Pentagram by Tung Ken Lam (page 23)
Lotus Pod by Al Blanche (page 24)
Windmill Flexagon Puzzle Solution by Dave Mitchell (page 25)
Flapping Bird by Sam Randlett (page 25)
Magic Rose Cube by Valerie Vann (page 29)
Landing Falcon by Tony O'Hare (page 35)
T. Rex & Bronto by Nick Robinson (page 38)

218 February 2003

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