Laptop by David Cohen (page 1)
2 Fold Santa by Paula Versnick (page 1)
The Windmill Flexagon by David Mitchell (page 4)
Freddie Mercury & Prince Edward by Giles Towning (page 14)
Picture Frame by Ynyr Lloyd (page 18)
Barking Dog by Paul Jackson (page 20)
The Scream by Eric Kenneway (page 21)
Telephone by Russell Cahill (page 22)
Tinke Star by Marrigje Barnard (page 24)
Faceted Octahedron by Denver Lawson (page 27)
Angel by Kunihiko Kasahara (page 30)
A4 Star by Various (page 31)
Universal Box by Ted Norminton (page 32)
Pureland Christmas Tree by Dorothy Engleman (page 34)
Fuchsia by David Petty (page 35)

217 December 2002

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