Cannon by Robin Glynn (page 4)
Mette Unit Ring 1 by Mette Pederson (page 9)
Dragonfly by Fumiaki Kawahata (page 14)
Blinker by Jeremy Shafer (page 19)
Magical Cube by Jeremy Shafer (page 20)
Diamond Heart Ring by Jeremy Shafer (page 25)
Two Interlocking Rings by Jeremy Shafer (page 27)
Hot Air Balloon by Tony O'Hare (page 32)
Estrelada by Paulo Mulatinho (page 34)
Post-It Note Butterfly by Rikki Donachi (page 37)
Wraparound Box by Jeff Beynon (page 39)
Martini Glass Or Birdbath by Stephen Hecht (page 42)

196 June 1999

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