Car by Phillip Blencowe (page 6)
Car by Marc Kirschenbaum (page 7)
Van by Paul Jackson (page 7)
Hat & Captains Shirt by Traditional (page 12)
Puzzle Solution by Maarten Van Gelder (page 14)
Puzzle Solution by Nick Robinson (page 14)
Puzzle Solution by Rob Foord (page 14)
Puzzle Solution by Stephen Weiss (page 14)
Puzzle Solution by Tony O'Hare (page 14)
Armchair by Juan Gimeno (page 17)
Double Sided Earring by Pasquale D'Aurio (page 18)
Heart Stick Pin by Daniel Stillman (page 20)
Goose by Lars Arell (page 22)
Lobster by Neil Maclean (page 23)
Sheep by Paul Jackson (page 25)
Flower by Ligia Montoya (page 26)
The Ugly Duckling by Roberto Morassi (page 27)
Bull by Andrea Peggion (page 29)
Elephant by Andrea Peggion (page 30)
Sampan by Max Hulme (page 31)
Modulo Piramide 2 by Traditional (page 32)

165 April 1994

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