Wise Man's Helmet by Bob Roos (page 1)
Sailboard by Jan Willem Derksen (page 5)
Which Corner No 6 The Sullivan by Ed Sullivan (page 8)
Rabbit Wrapper by Yoshihide Momotani (page 8)
Chinese Horse by Traditional (page 10)
Box Glider by Larry Hart (page 13)
Flapping Bird by Graham Campbell (page 16)
8 Pointed Star by Phillip Shen (page 22)
10 Pointed Star by Phillip Shen (page 25)
Angel by Dave Brill (page 32)
Origa Puzzle 3 by Jean-Jerome Casalonga (page 34)
Rabbit Ears by J Chanin (page 35)
135 Degree Unit by Francis Ow (page 39)

123 April 1987

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