Envelope by Colin Bond (page 4)
Envelope by S M (page 4)
Geometric Design by Jeff Beynon (page 5)
Tissue Box by Francis Ow (page 10)
Rising Mount Fuji by Traditional (page 15)
Squirril by Dave Brill (page 17)
New Flapping Bird by Sam Randlett (page 21)
Four Leaf Clover by Kathleen Beyer (page 24)
Eight Ribbed Box by Christoph Mangtusch (page 30)
Dinosaur by Charles Nixon (page 35)
120 Degree Unit 1 by Francis Ow (page 37)
120 Degree Unit 2 by Francis Ow (page 39)
120 Degree Unit 3 by Francis Ow (page 40)
Head by Stuart Roberts (page 43)

122 February 1987

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