Crane Envelope by Minako Ishibashi (page 0)
Large Square From Two Rectangles For Rhinoceros by Dave Brill (page 3)
Cross by Navendra Pandaya (page 5)
Three Piece Crease Puzzle Solution by Anthony Mosquero (page 6)
Christmas Tree by Paul Jackson (page 6)
Box Pleat Frill by Traditional (page 11)
Flag Fold Up by Unknown (page 11)
Blow Wheel by Ray Hobbs (page 12)
Double Lock Envelope by John Cunliffe & David Petty (page 14)
Modular Cube by Lewis Simon (page 17)
Envelope by Lim Hee Sen (page 22)
Star Ring by Francis Ow (page 25)
Star Medal by Francis Ow (page 30)

120 October 1986

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