Facetted Polyhedron by Ricky Wong (page 7)
Facetted Polyhedron by Ricky Wong (page 14)
Cube & Tetrahedron by Ricky Wong (page 15)
Octahedron & Icosahedron by Ricky Wong (page 16)
Goose by Stephen Weiss (page 18)
K Letterfold & Conjuring Trick by John Cunliffe (page 25)
Polyhedron by Jonathon Shapcott (page 27)
Striped Skunk by Robert Lang (page 30)
Hat by Kathleen Beyer (page 38)
The Discovery Of Hot Water by Giovanni Maltagliti (page 41)
More Of A Cube Than A Box by Giovanni Maltagliti (page 42)
Pegasus by Royal Roberts (page 46)
Paperhead by Jonathon Shapcott (page 47)

116 February 1986

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