Message Decoration by Ed Sullivan (page 8)
Square Letterfold by Shuzo Fujimoto (page 11)
Locked Envelope by John Cunliffe (page 12)
Valentine Envelope by Sumiko Momotani (page 13)
Dollar Bill From Square by Larry Hart (page 15)
Flapping Bird by Mark Bolitho (page 17)
Snap Hexahedron by Jean Jerome Casalonga (page 18)
Napkin Fold by Traditional (page 19)
Union Jack by Jacques Justin (page 26)
Typewriter by Sonny Fontana (page 32)
Santa Claus by Phillip Blencowe (page 34)
Three Wise Men by Dave Brill (page 36)
Star by Dave Brill (page 42)

109 December 1984

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