Bowl by Andrew Lord (page 4)
Puppet Face by Andrew Lord (page 5)
Cuboctahedron by Andrew Lord (page 6)
Waste-Paper Basket by Kyoto Araki (page 8)
Division Into Thirds by K Abe (page 9)
Inside Out Band by Didier Boursin (page 12)
Mother Love by Neal Elias (page 13)
Rabbit Sleeve by Yoshihide Momotani (page 25)
Piggy by Traditional (page 30)
Frisbee by Traditional (page 31)
Further Clothes Folding by Lynn Riding (page 32)
Inside Out Band Solution by Didier Boursin (page 33)
Another Note Or Two by Will Dexter (page 33)
3D Action Cuckoo Clock by Robert Lang (page 35)

108 October 1984

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