Jumping Frog by Seiryo Takegawa (page 20)
Pencil Box by John Cunliffe (page 28)
Gold Nugget by Traditional (page 38)
Hang Glider by Akira Yoshizawa (page 48)
Skater by Akira Yoshizawa (page 49)
Horse by Dave Brill (page 50)
Llopios Moment Of Truth by Neal Elias (page 51)
Buddha by Eric Kenneway (page 54)
Fish by Max Hulme (page 55)
Star Of David by Fred Rohm (page 56)
Elephant by Toshie Takahama (page 58)
Doll by Yoshihide Momotani (page 59)
Bowl by Florence Temko (page 60)
Harlequin Star by Martin Wall (page 60)
Pinwheel by Phillip Shen (page 61)
Pecking Bird by Paul Jackson (page 62)
Rose Medallion by Shuzo Fujimoto (page 62)

100 June 1983

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