The Society values the efforts of volunteers and has a number of ways of recognising the time and skills that help keep the BOS running. You can read about the various awards here. Here are those who have been formally recognised.

Sidney French Medals

1992 Dave Brill Secretary, Chair, creator, origami embassador 1994 John French 18 years Treasurer of Society 1994 David Venables
1974-1984 Supplies Officer, expert diagrammer
1994 Brian Cole 20 years of society typing (deceased) 1997 John Smith
Founding member, Chairman, organised COET, influential creator (deceased)
1997 John Cunliffe
Booklet author, London events organiser, envelope exper
1997 David Lister
Origami historian, BOS Constitution, legal skills
1998 Ray Bolt
Magazine editor, exhibition organiser, long
standing Council member’
1999 Penny Groom
Membership Secretary, Convention administration
1999 Sam Evison
Mini-meeting organiser, hospital teaching, MBE 2001 (deceased)
2000 Brian Goodall Long-term librarian 2000 Margaret Goodall Treasurer, joint librarian (deceased)
2000 Katherine Diver Treasurer 2002 Tony O’Hare Public Relations Officer, creator 2004 Nick Robinson Magazine editor, website creator, prolific author and creator 2007 David Petty
Council member, publications officer, secretary and historian (deceased)
2007 Steve & Megumi Biddle
Authors, artists, creators & entertainers
2007 Max Hulme
Noted creator and influential origami technician (deceased)
2009 Ian Harrison
Council member, Supplies officer , mathematician  (deceased)
Helen Swift
Long-standing BOS member, worked with Guides
2011 Eric Joisel
Oustanding artistic contributions to origami (deceased)
2011 Robin Macey
Promotion of origami
through photography
2011 Larry Hart
Long-term member and creator, magazine editor (deceased)
2014 Pauline Trew
Council Member and librarian for over 10 years
2014 Wayne Brown
Oustanding servant to origami and the BOS, creator, archivist
2015 Mark Bolitho
Long-term Chair & council member & creator
2016 Michael Formestone
Tireless worker on behalf of the Society
2017 Mick Guy      50 years of outstanding and distinguished service to the Society 2017 Paul Jackson
Former magazine editor, author of numerous books and world-renowned creator


1967 – 78
Robert Harbin (deceased)
1979 – 86
Alfred Bestall (deceased)
1986 – 92
Sidney French (deceased)
1992 – 96
Iris Walker (deceased)
1996 – 98
Mick Guy
1998 – 02
David  Lister (deceased)
2003 – 05
John Smith
2006 – 08
Joan Homewood
2009 – 11
David Venables
Penny Groom
Max Hulme
2015-17 (deceased)
Dave Brill

Vice Presidents

David Venables Joan Homewood  David Brill  Mick Guy  Alfred Bestall
John Smith
Sam Evison
Iris Walker
Lillian Oppenheimer
Akira Yoshizawa
Eric Kenneway
David Lister
Ray Bolt

Honorary Members

David Brill Mick Guy Joan Homewood Roberto Morassi Brian Goodall Yoshihide & Sumiko Momotani
Nick Robinson Robert Lang

Honorary Members (deceased)

Michael Shall Brian Cole Neal Elias Toshie Takahama Alice Gray Fred Rohm
Thelma Randlett Jessie Seto Francis McNaul Jnr. David Lister John Smith Iris Walker