Here is the structure for BOS Honours, including two new awards we have recently approved. As a BOS member, you can nominate anyone for an award, member or not. All nominations will be carefully considered by a small team, then a recommendation will be made to the Council, who may approve, decline or amend the recommendation. Please address any nominations to the Chairman in the strictest confidence!

Here are the awards we may present.

Vice President
Considered as a “promotion” for those with a SF medal and/or honorary status, after a longer period of service. Could be offered to outstanding origami dignitaries, perhaps with no direct connection to the BOS. Anyone made a VP is automatically made an Honorary member.

This to be awarded solely for services specific to the BOS, rendered over a long period. Recipients might be long-standing council members, or may be people who have worked hard but not necessarily within the council.

Sidney French
Given for outstanding services to origami, rather than solely for the BOS. rendered over a period. Recipients might be long-serving members of the BOS or other societies, prolific authors or given for other significant services.

Iris Walker
Given for significant individual services to the BOS or to origami in general, for instance, organising a major event, a noteworthy task carried out for the Society, continuing creative output etc..

David Lister
Given for outstanding contributions to origami research, or similar academic work in educational, academic or therapeutic fields.