Cartoon by Rikki Donachie

We all started somewhere and know the struggles that origami can give you. Nobody expects you to be an expert and everyone wants you to succeed! Here are a few tips on how to get the best from a class.

Check your level
Try not to get in over your head, it won’t help your confidence and may slow down the others.

Be prompt
The classes are all carefully timed, so being ready to fold on time really helps everyone.

Get help
If you’re struggling with a step, watch what your neighbours are doing. Ask for help, from others or the teacher.

Be honest
If you’re clearly not going to complete the fold, there’s no shame in stopping. The teacher may be available to give you one-on-one  help outside of the class.

Respect the class
If the class is full, you will need to find another class. Try not to talk too much during the class, it can distract. Equally, encourage people around you if you can!