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david listerThe late David Lister of Grimsby, England, is recognised as one of the foremost sources of information regarding the history and culture of paper-folding. With his permission, we are presenting some of the highlights of his messages to the origami-l and BOSmail mailing lists, which we hope you will find useful and interesting. David welcomes informed comments and contributions to any essay. They are published as originally written (so you may find the odd typo) All text is © British Origami Society and may not be republished in any format without express permission.

More entries will be added when time permits.

Origins Of The Flapping Bird
"On Paper" Exhibition
1000 Cranes
A4 (Silver) Rectangles
About 100 Traditional Models
Acid Paper
Akira Yoshizawa Rip
Akira Yoshizawa
Alice Gray
Approaches To Origami
As Long As The Emperor's Foot?
Bone Folders
Books On Envelopes And Letterfolds
Books On Origami And Mathematics
Books On Origami And Maths
Butterfly From Kenneway's Complete Origami
Celtic Knotwork
Chinese Terminology
Circular Origami 2
Circular Origami
Classic Noshi 2
Classic Noshi
Cloth folding and paperfolding *
Copyright In Crease Patterns
Copyright In England
Copyright Issues
Copyright Protection
Copyrighting Origami
Craft Definitions
Cutting In Origami
David Huffman
David Lister on himself *
Decorating Origami
Diagramming Tessellations
Documenting Early Paper-Folding
Dokuohtei Nakano 2
Dokuohtei Nakano
Egyptian Maps
Emanuel Mooser
Envelopes, Letterfolds, Tato And ELFA
Errors And Misconceptions About Paperfolding History
Evolution Of Origami Ungulates
FOCA, OUSA And Lillian Oppenheimer
Fastening Paper Bags
Florence Temko
Fold Hierarchy And Origin Of Origami Symbols
Folding Cranes
Folding From Non-Square Paper
Folding Paper Money
Folding Papyrus
Forms Of Origami
Friedrich Froebel
Frog Base *
Georgie Davidson's "Origami"
Gershon Legman
Glue And Origami
Golden Rectangles
Golden Venture Folding
Guiseppe Baggi
Harbin/Montoya copyrights 1
Harbin/Montoya copyrights 2
History Of Paperfolding : A German Perspective
How To Make Origami
Humiaki Huzita
Icing-Sugar Origami
Is The Junk Chinese?
Isao Honda - Obituary
Isao Honda's "All About Origami"
Isao Honda's "How To Make Origami"
Isao Honda's "World Of Origami"
Isao Honda's Books
Islamic Arab And Moorish Folding
Jack Skillman And Modular Origami
Jacksonian And Curio Folding
James Minoru Sakoda 1916 - 2005
Japanese Attitudes To Origami
Japanese Package Wrapping
John Cunliffe
Jottings On The History Of Origami *
Kasahara Talk At Bristol 1999
Kawai And Others
Kayaragua Folding
Kayaragusa, Alias "Kan No Mado"
Kunihiko Kasahara And Toshie Takahama
Kunihiko Kashara
Lillian Oppenheimer
Martin Gardner
Materials For Folding
Maying Soong: "The Art Of Chinese Paper Folding"
Mecho And Ocho Wedding Designs
Modular Origami
Modular Origins - Tamatebako
More On A4 (Silver) Rectangles
Moroccan Purses
Napkin Folding
Neale's Bunny Bill
Newton's Lantern *
Noshi By Honda
Old European Origami 2
Old European Origami
Old-timers Folding
Origami And Spirituality
Origami At Adobe
Origami Books By Tokinobu And Hideaki Mihara
Origami Books Of The 50s And 60s
Origami Christmas Trees
Origami Doll Making
Origami Evolution
Origami Flags
Origami For The Connoisseur
Origami From China *
Origami In Fine Art
Origami In Schools
Origami Is Pure Art?
Origami Playing Cards
Origami Properties
Origami and Spirituality
Origami vs Paper Folding
Origins Of Origami
Origins Of Paper Sizes
Origins Of Paper
Pack Mule With Panniers
Pack Mule
Paper And Religion In Japan
Paper Folding & Sculpture
Paper Folding Versus Art
Paper Grain
Paper Planes
Peter Budai
Philip Shen *
Philosophy Of Diagramming
Photography Copyright
Playing Cards
Pleated Prawns
Puss In Boots
Puzzle Purse
Puzzles & Patents
Radomes & Soccer Balls
Railroad Train Models (Emanuel Mooser)
Really Old Origami
Robert Harbin And Margaret Campbell
Robert Harbin
Rupert Bear 2
Rupert Bear
Sacred Cranes
Scientific Origami *
Shari Lewis & Lillian Oppenheimer
Silver Rectangle Sizes
Sonobe Module
Spirituality In Origami
Straw Folding
String Figures 1
String Figures 2
Swedish Stars
Symbolism In Origami
T. Sundara Row
Tato Folds
Ten Thousand Cranes
Tesselations, The Beginning
The 1955 Exhibition By Akira Yoshizawa
The Alhambra, MC Escher And Chris Palmer
The Art Of Akira Yoshizawa
The Beginnings Of Organised Paperfolding In The West
The Blintz
The Books Of Akira Yoshizawa
The Books Of Robert Harbin
The Emperor's Foot
The First Paper For Folding
The Handkerchief
The Hobby Horse Or Pajarita
The Jackstone
The Lily
The Lovers Knot
The Mingei Museum
The Mobil Pegasus
The Origami Tradition Of Sharing
The Origamian
The Origins Of Paper
The Origins Of Symbols
The Word "Papiroflexia"
The Word 'Origami'
Toshie Takahama
Traditional Paper Sizes
V'ann Cornelius
Various *
Victor Frenkil
What Are Your Other Hobbies
What Is Origami?
What Makes Paper Crease?
Why A Paper Square?
Words For Folding Paper
Wrinkly Folding
Zigag Papers In Shinto Shrines

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