rmSaburo Kase
1927 – 2008

Dear Friends,

Saburo Kase (age 81) has just finished his eventful life calmly 11th April 2008 at hospital in Tokyo. Thank you so very much for your sending me all heartfelt thoughts and messages for him. I tried reading your words for him in tears. it wasn’t really easy at all. I became too emotional at this stage. Kase san loved meeting people wherever he traveled, shaking hands and friendly chatting with you made him very happy. and often he expressed me all details like a sound of your gentle voice and your soft and strong hands, and even an atmosphere of each persons. he had no sights since age of 12. but in stead, he had a very sharp and sensuous mind or susceptibility.

Thank you for being friend. even just came and say hello to him and introduced yourself. you probably can’t imagine how much you made him feel good. I know that, it is one of reasons I traveled with Kase san 49 countries together during last 30 years. folding papers, meeting with people, children in difficult conditions to cheer up, and pray for a tiny happiness with his Origami. Origami was his best tool for communication in the parallel universe. If not with Origami, he could be just a stubborn simple blind man who never like going out of Japan to meet you and see the world.

Origami and Origami friends changed his life completely. On behalf of my dear fellow Kase san, I love to express my gratitude. THANK YOU ALL! From the bottom of my heart. If you have opportunity, please think about Kase san for a minute and fold your thoughts into papers. that model could be a legacy of Kase san. Or, please drink the toast and think of Kase san if you can. He didn’t drink any alcohol, but I would join you from distance. Kase san liked my standing in for him with big smile always. Sincerely yours,

Eiji Tajima

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