rmDorothy Engleman
1944 – 2007

Dorothy Engleman was a good friend to me. I will miss our regular transatlantic
conversations, she always managed to call when Coronation Street (my
favourite soap!) was on TV, I never told her not to as it was a joy to speak to her at any time.

She was a very generous friend, when she knew I needed a specific model
for my local newspaper column she designed one for me within a couple of days! I organised an Origami Decorated Christmas Tree for the local Church Christmas Tree festival a couple of years
ago A few days before I was going to set it up I received out of the blue a box crammed full of models to put on the tree. It was from Dorothy, she was like that.

I wish I had met her, but it was not to be. I will miss her, as will all her friends around the world.

Penny Groom

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