Booking is now closed

Our next one-day virtual convention will be on 11/12 September 2021. It will use the Zoom online system. We suggest you install their “app” to your computer and try to attend some of the many Zoom origami meetings so you can get to know how it works. 

Saturday 11th
We will hold our Annual General Meeting. 

2pm – 2.45pm – folding session
2.45 – 3.45pm – AGM Approval of 2020 Annual Report & accounts, Council elections, awards, subscriptions for 2022.
3.45 – 4.30pm – folding session

Sunday 12th
Starting at 10.00am (UK time) there will be two sets of classes. They
will be recorded and made available to those who registered for the convention. There will also be a Gather Town “Breakout room” so you can chat or teach informally throughout the day. Please check this video which explains how GT works. Please attend classes promptly, there will be no time to catch up (but there will be videos later).

Room 1 Morning

10.00 Lizzie Burns - Woven Square / Cactus flower

Paper required - 'Woven Square' - 4 squares - any size. Cactus flower - 6 papers Both can use 15 x 15 cm  cut into quarters.

11.00 Ed Holmes - Colour Change Hydrangea

By Shuzo Fujimoto. 15cm or 20cm 2 coloured kami. Low intermediate. 

12.00 Rob Foord - Crocodile

Five colour/white squares needed, 7.5 to 10cm is best. Simple.

Room 2 Morning

10.00 Mark Bolitho - High Heeled Shoe

20cm-30cm square, intermediate.

11.00 David Brill - Unnatural Selection

15 cm squares of standard origami paper are required. Level is simple.

12.00 Lee Armstrong - Bird

Paper 20cm, white on 1 side or duo paper. It's possible to fold with 15cm kami. Better with a slightly thicker paper. High intermediate.

1.00 – 2.00 Lunch

We hope you’ll stay online and have a good chat on gather town!

At 1.30 Nick Griffiths will be on Gather presenting some new items from Supplies and telling you of special offers for convention attendees!

Room 1 Afternoon

2.00 Michael G. LaFosse - Spin, Dart, Loop!

Three simple designs by Michael LaFosse - a Maple Seed, a Plane, and a Wing, each with a different flying style. Requires letter paper (A4 or 8.5 x 11-inch) and two squares of 15cm origami paper, any colours. Low Intermediate.

3.00 José Meeusen - Ribbons

A simple modular flower, from 8 x 1:4 strips of kami or duo paper. You need 2 squares of about 18 or 20 cm. Low Intermediate.

4.00 Gerardo Gacharná Ramirez - Boxed Fortune Teller

Students should bring a pre-folded fortune teller and are asked to to "play with it" in advance! Low intermediate.

5.00 Francesco Mancini - Lisbon Star

8 squares of duo color paper, kami o kraft will work fine. 7.5cmx7.5cm. low-intermediate

Room 2 Afternoon

2.00 Tetsuya Gotani - Spinosaurus 

Paper - 25-35cm square. Complex.

Marc Kirschenbaum - Grim Reaper

4.00 Marc Kirschenbaum - Grim Reaper

25cm/10" or larger kami recommended. High Intermediate, so you should be comfortable with things like colour changes.

After the convention closes, the “breakout room” will be open until 9pm for socialising and informal folding!