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Very often the traditional model is superior to the modern design. This is despite the fact that they may contain cuts, tears or other non purist origami actions being involved in their formation. Most traditional models have, after all, stood the test of time and have demonstrable popularity. In this area of my web site I have tried to list the known models and their source. This is a mammoth task and within any such mass of information there are bound to be errors. This is where you, the reader, can play your part. Should you find an error then email me, tell me about it, and we can put it right. I have limited resources and if there are models you know about that are not listed, then send the information and I will check and then include it. Together, perhaps, we can produce a more definitive listing.

The listing is long, covering several pages (a single page listing takes too much time to load in a browser). The models are in publication order, that is, all the models in one publication are displayed after each other. The original authors' model titles are retained. There is a lot of overlap here in as far as a single model can appear several times under the same (or different) names in several publications. The publications are in no particular order. I've only included publications with English (US and/or UK) text. Where the Flapping Bird is concerned, I have not included all the references. This model is so well known that diagrams are readily available. Be aware that some of the publications listed are relatively old and as such are not necessarily available without some digging around in secondhand bookshops or web auction sites. I have included links to diagrams where they exist on this site.

The graphics are only intended for identification. They are not to scale. Where models are based on the same original I have used the same graphic, despite the models in the books having small differences. All the graphics have been drawn by myself - well I couldn't fail by scanning and thus infringing copyright, could I? This was a time consuming business.

This listing serves as a guide to publication selection and also as a model selector and diagram source.

David Petty & Netizens.



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