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Spanish Paper-folding Society
Aerogami - Paper Planes
Alec Fehl's Site
Alex Barber's origami site
Alex Batemans tesselations website
One of the originators of this style displays his work & thoughts. You can buy an e-book from him.
Alexander Paper Supplies
Paper, Card & Craft Supplies. Factory Shop Open 7 Days a Week.
Alex's Paper Planes
Paper Aeroplanes - diagrams
loads of links and stuff to do
Aloha Origami by Jan
sells origami ear-rings, ornaments , etc..
Alpenfalten - Origami in der Schweiz by Matthias Gutfeldt
AltaVista Translator
Can translate, english, french, german, italian, portuguese, spanish, chinese, japanese, korean & russian
AMiR The Black Crane
Anita's Origami
diagrams and photos of original designs
Anne's Origami Page
Another Bay Area (California) Origami Group
Art of Japan
Arts and Craft for Kids
Austrian Origami Society
The website of this newly-founded organisation
Bay Area Rapid Folders - local group
Best Paper Airplanes
A collection of original paper airplane designs by Russell Johnston
Bits of Smith - John Smiths page
lots of interest to see and read
Amazing bookstore that sells the largest selection of origami books and products in the UK, plus loads of other fascinating crafts books and items.
Bristol Origami Group
Local group based in Bristol
Carnegie Mellon University Origami Club
Caroline's Origami Kingdom
Cattail's origami page
Centro Diffusione Origami - Italian Society
CHicago Area Origami Society - (CHAOS)
Chicago Area Origami Society - CHAOS!
Chinese Lucky Star
Directions for a Miniature Star from a strip of paper
Chris Alexander's Star Wars designs
Chris is a keen fan and explains the process behind his many Star Wars origami designs
CJ's Origami site
Classic Cranes
Daiwa Foundation - Anglo-Japanese links
Dan Martin's Site
Darren's origami page
David Foulds Home Page
David Petty's Home Page
Dennis Interactive
Shows an animation of a crane being folded
Dennis Origami
Dino Andreozzi
Featuring his origami Models
Dinosaurs & more!
Stephen O'Hanlon's site
Dollar Bill Origami by Bob Nienhuis
diagrams, 3d photos, etc..
Dorothy Engleman's Blast Off To Planet Origami
Includes Encyclopedia Origamica, history, diagrams and lots more.
Doug Wong Origami
Action Print & Fold Origami - paper planes
Doug's origami site
electronic version of Russian Origami Magazine
Envelope and LetterFolds Association - extra email website of a group of ELFA
Envelope and Letter Folding
Methods of making letterfolds and folded envelopes have been compiled by the Envelope and Letter Folding Association
Eric Andersen's origami page
Eric Gjerde's Tessellation site
Diagrams, pictures and links related to tesselations
Fabric Origami Workshop
This workshop features detailed instructions, photos, and 50 diagrams for making the most exciting origami boxes and items just by folding fabric.
Fascinating Folds - paper & books
Finger Lakes Paperfolders
Floating bridge of dreams
Collection of traditional japanese fables illustrated with origami models
Flying Pig
Mechanical models using paper
Flying Toys - Paper Planes, etc..
Francis Ow's origami page
Free Paper toys to download and make
Franco Pavarin's site - you can dowload a lot of free material

Gaditano Origami Group (Spain).
Gallery Origami House is the exhibition hall for Origami.
Gallo Home Page... not in english
geometry junkyard
George Ho - ori as therapy
Gerard and Paula
Gilad's Origami page
Gretchen's Origami Page
Hanko's Origami Page
Hans Bodlaender's page
Hiden Senbazuru Orikata
The Secret of One Thousand Cranes Origami - Hiden Senbazuru Orikata is the oldest origami book for amusement in the world (published in 1797). We introduce all pages here.
Hirofumi Fujiwara's Homepage
HS Lim's Origami Page
Imperial Origami Society
A site about Imperial College origami club with pics, diagrams and links etc
Imperial Origami Society
A site about Imperial College origami club with pics, diagrams and links etc.
In the Fold origami art by Joan Son
Interactive Origami in VRML
Interactive Origami in VRML
Israel Origami Art Society
J D Harris Home Page
J.B. Raasch diagrams
Jake's Origami Gallery
Great photos, galleries
Jan's Origami Page
sells origami jewelry
Japanese Origami Site
Japanese only
Japanese Site - Dolls
Japanese only
Japanese site for Children with diagrams
Jasper's Origami Menagerie
Jasper's origami site's site
diagrams of a shirt, crane & boat
Jim Plank's Origami Page (Modular)
Joe's Stupid Origami Page
Modular constructions, some diagrams
John's Origami Page
Jorma Oksanen's Origami
Joseph Wu's superb site
Joyful origami supplies
Just a bit of paper
Rikki Donachie's origami site - diagrams, photos, essays and more!
Ka Leung 's Origami Greyhound Page
Keanu's Toilet Paper Origami Page aka The Toilet Paper Chase
Ken Blackburn - planes et al
Ken Blackburn Paper Planes
Khabarovsk origami center
Kim's Crane- nice site
Korean Origami
Bit tricky to navigate, but have a look around!
Kyle Barger - Picture gallery, mostly modular
Laurie & Pam Bisman Origami Site
Le Site de Baud & Bui
Origamic architecture
learn to make a crane & cup
Leigh's Origami Page
Let's Try Origami
learn to fold a plane, crane & helmet
Líneas de Origami
Blog ofAndrés F. Sánchez
Links to easy origami diagrams
Links to Paper Plane Sites
LIPS - League of Intrepid Paper Sculptors
Lissa's Origami Fun Pages
Lone_Folder Originals
Looc My's Origami Page
Magazine which has some origami Diagrams in it
Make a Jumping Frog
Make a waterbomb
make an origami stick puppet
Make an origami Yak
Marc Kirschenbaum's ori site
Marilee's Games & Activities Links
Marivi's Origamic Architecture
Mark Bolitho's site
details of this creative folder's designs and commissions
Mark Huang's Origami Page
Mark Leonard's home pages
photos of Marks amazing work plus some diagrams
Mark Robert Morden site - Money Folds
Mark's Origami Olio
Masters of Origami
A book featuring works by approximately sixty of the most famous origami artists.
Mat's Web site
Has a diagram of an origami kimono!
Mcshane's Planes
Mette Units by Mette Pederson
Rings and other modular
MFPP French Paper-folding Society
A brand new website in full expansion. Some articles in English.
Michael's Origami
Photos, Diagrams
Michi Online - resources for Japanese Arts
Micom Art Paper
Mizushobai - David Mitchells intriguing site
Mundo do Origami!
Napkin Folding
Napkin Folding
Blog of creators, of any style and level, of the majestic art of origami
NetPark origami Page
This page will show you how to create origami with aminations.
Nick Robinson's origami website
Lot's of unpublished diagrams of Nick's work, plus details of the many books he's written and his commercial work
A repository of Origami designs with instructions, gallery and videos.
Oded's origami page
O-Hayo Sensei's Online JAPAN BOOKSTORE
o-list sites
List of o-list member's webstes (Gerard en Paula)
Ori Ring site (Ian Mitchell)
Origami The technique of paper making
Lots of handy resources
Origami The technique of paper making
Origami - Meenakshi's Modular Mania
Origami - MM's Modular Mania
Origami & Mental Health Therapy
Origami 4 You by Emmajg
Photos, Diagrams, help on K.Rose, gallery, info on books & paper
Origami Architecture - Pop Up Cards
Origami Art site maintained by Andreas Bauer
Origami Beads
All beads, all day, all night.
Origami Boomerang
Origami by Jan - origami for sale
Various Origami crafts for sale
Origami Cat & Dog (basic)
Origami Deutschland
Their website - full of interest in both German and English.
Origami Dimensions
Origami Flowers
Origami Frog
Origami Ganesh for Miss India OPL
Origami gifts
Origami history - the art of paper folding by Sheryl Nantus
Origami House - Gallery Origami House is the exhibition hall for Origami.
Origami Interactive
large gallery andgrowing diagrams section. Forum. One can ask for help with a particular model
Origami Israel
In Hebrew!
Origami Kimono Diagrams
oru-kami - Origami Art Shop
Original origami folded paper artwork in limited editions by renowned origami masters.
origami Lane
Creating Dynamic Folded Metal Sculpture Using Traditional Origami Techniques and Designs
Origami Lane - folds with metal
Origami Madness
Over a dozen origami models, detailed folding instructions with loads of photos.
Origami Models - foreign
Origami Online -
Origami Palooza !!!
Origami paper & modeling packs
Folded Square origami supplies quality origami paper and 26 different origami modelling packs.
the website of Marieke de Hoop and her origamitheatre and other paper related activities.
Origami- paper folding crafts from Hawaii
for children
Origami Paperfolding Demo
origami peace doves
Origami site of Joost Langeveld
Origami Site via Thinkquest
Origami Site via Thinkquest (another site)
Origami Spider
Origami Studio(Russian)
Origami Stuff
Origami Sweden
Origami Tanteidan
Origami Tanteidan - Japan Origami Academic Society
Origami Teaching by Claudia Valentini
Origami Theme Page
Origami Vernier Geneve
Origami in Japan
a short overview of the use of origami in Japan
Origami Web Resources for Students
Origami Yeah!! By Diana Neuman
the new product of AS Multimedia Solutions
Origamic Architecture
Origamido:Micheal LaFosse
Origami artist Linda Tomoko Mihara, a specialist in the design and creation of 1,000 Origami Wedding Cranes.
Oriland - Uses Flash
OUSA - folding in the State
OxLip's Oracle of Origami!
Pacific Coast Origami Conference
Pacific Coast Origami Conference
Page Orig@mi de Vincent
Paper / Art / Craft Suppliers
you can get an affliate/commission link with them
Paper craft and shop
Paper Folding Fractals
Paper Folding Project
Paper Pardise
Sells paper projects a little bit of origami
Paper Planes
Paper Suppliers
Paper Suppliers
Paper Suppliers
Paper Suppliers
Paper Suppliers
you can get an affliate/commission link with them
Paper Suppliers
Paper Suppliers
Paper Supplies - French
Pat Gallo - diagrams in Spanish
Paul Jackson - origami artist
Paula and Gerard's lit of O-List Homepages
A list of links to homepages of various O-List members
Peace Origami Tree Project
Pearl - superb younger maths/ori
personal site, not in english
Peter Budai's Origami Page
diagrams, photos, basics, etc..
Peter Budai's Origami Page
Pieces and Creases
Pieces N Creases
History of Origami - Children's Site
Polish Origami Centre - English link
Polish Origami Society
Impressive site in both Polish and English
Polish Site
has English option. Links to other sites
Pseudo Art Gallery (Origami Page)
Puzzles, including origami is a web part of a puzzle-book-web project entitled Age of Puzzles. The project makes a comprehensive mosaic of puzzles created by different people in different time and at different places. It's a Colorful Journey through Endless Patterns of Quick Wits!
Pyros's Paper Planes
Quite a few online diagrams (some animated). Site in Japanese
Quotes build the best paper airplane in the world
Research paper on folding and unfolding by Erik Demaine
Research Papers on Origami
Review of movie crying origami
Robert Gatliff's Origami Site
Robert Langs origami site
Excellent site, full of great photos & details of Lang's folding career
Roberto Gretter
Robin Glynn's homepage
diagrams, photos, greetings cards etc from this talented UK creator
Rona Gurkewitz' Modular Origami Polyhedra Systems Page
Rosa'a Origami Page
Rosa's origami page
Rudolf Appelt's Origami page
Russian origami Site
in russian.. Most of site can be translated using altavista
Sabertooth Plane
Sadako And The Thousand Paper Cranes
1000 cranes peace project
Sandra Wambold's Origami Page
Sarah's Origami Page
Sasuga Japanese Bookstore
The Source for Japanese Books
Shizu Paper Supplies
Singapore origami web
Site about the book Paper Folding - Mathematics
Site of Gabriel Vong
Some amazing photographs of beautifully folded origami
Sonobe Cubes
sonobe details
Sonobe Unit- What is it?
Sonobe Variations
Sprite's Site e
has great step by step diagrams of the Cran
Original Star Wars origami designs by Martin Hunt
Stefan's Origami Page
Stephane Ansons Origami page
Steve Hecht's Origami Page
Steve Woodmansee's origami page
Swedish Origami Society
Sy Chen's Origami Page
Tammy Yee's origami Page
Great site for children, loads of stuff to do
Teaching mathematical thinking through origami
Terry's Origami Ark
Origami models for sale
Tesselations etc. by Alex Bateman.
The Art of Tea Bag Folding
The International Origami Society
Akira Yoshizawa's official site – in Japanese with some English pages.
The Japanese Shop
All things Japanese for sale online
The Origami Galerie at Freising
A site devoted to origami exhibitions
The Origami of Torsten Drees
The Peace Origami Tree Project
The site of the Chinese (Hong Kong) Origami Society
The Use Of Origami In Primary Efl Teaching
By Claudia Valentini
Thesis on Compiling for Computational Origami Using Probabilistic Optimization
Thomas Hull - Mathematic Origami
Thousand Cranes Peace Network
A Million Paper Cranes for Peace by the Year 2000
Thousand Cranes Peace Network
Tim Harrison’s website
Forum, gallery, links etc
Tina's Origami
Photos, Collections, Conventions, etc.
Tom Hull's work
maths featuring 5 Intersecting Tetrahedra
Tom's Origami Page
Tony O'Hare's Origami Site
Photos, diagrams & info for Bristol-based creative paper-folder Tony O'Hare.
TP Kong's origami Page
Valerie Vann's Delphi Home Page of Mostly Modular Origami
Vincent Floderer's extraordinary work
Virtual Gallery of Origamic Architecture
3-D Pop-up Greeting Cards & Paper Sculptures
VR Pilots - Virtual Origami
Wayne's Paper Creations
has sci-fi diagrams
Why is origami so good for you?
World of Origami - diagrams and info
World Origami Day
Augst 24th has been chosen as WOD, to honour the birthday of Lillian Oppenheimer
Origami Kits
Yahoo's origami listings
Yak Pak Origami Bags
Interesting bags/purses that fold up to close

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