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the BOS gallery

General Origami

1000 cranes from a display by Helen Palmer 100 cranes from a single sheet by Gillian Buchanan Tree by Vincent Floderer Bees by Alfredo Giunta a beetle by Alfredo Giunta
Bulldog by Eric Joisel Mushoom by Vincent Floderer Unit by Denver Lawson, <BR>folded by Tung Ken Lam Modular design by Denver Lawson Frogs by David Derudas
Snake by David Derudas a dragon a dragon by Joseph Wu Design by Vincent Floderer Wet folded mask by Nick Robinson
Jester (actual size was 2 inches high!)<br> face by Eric Joisel, headgear by David King, folded by David King Koala by by Alfredo Giunta Spider by Robert Lang Shoes by Momotani Frog by Nick Robinson
Pink Panther by Patricio Kunz, Chile, South America. Kawasaki Rose blossom Kawasaki Roses Kawasaki Rose display Sakuradamas by Kawasaki
Snail by Alfredo Giunta Squid by Nick Robinson Ted Norminton's Swans Toucan by Michael LaFosse Bricks by Giles Towning
Modular Design folded by Ian Harrison Wet-folded mask by Nick Robinson

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