Origami Links

links to other ori sites

Here is a list of the best Web sites and sites not previously mentioned in these pages. Click on the name or graphic to see the sites. Updated 20/01/2001


Joseph Wu's pages

Best designed site, lots of Content

Francis Ow's pages

Modulars and Hearts

Bits of John Smith

Origami History, Records, Poetry +more

Eric Andersen's pages

Diagrams, photos, mathematics + more

George Ho's pages

Origami and Therapy

H.S.Lim's pages

Book reviews & Models

Meenakshi's Home Page

Mainly modular

Rita Foelker's Page

Simple Models, nice diagrams

Sy Chen's Page

Good selection of models

Czechoslovak site

Huge collection of models, not always on line

Gerard & Paula Versnick

Books, Models, Photos

Origami Heaven

Modular, downloads

Napkin Folding

Butlers Guild, not quite origami but very close

Mark Leonard's pages

More modulars + single sheet pieces


Colourful Site - loads slowly

Fernando Nascimento's modulars

Portugese spectacular

Narloch's modular pages

Polish modulars

origami club

Japanese site, English text - animations & diagrams

Ekaterina Lukasheva's Kusudamas

Modular Origami
(under construction)


Society info + lots more

cdo logo.gif

Italian CDO society info, English & Italian text

AEP logo.gif

AEP Society info + more. Spanish text.

Gaditano logo.jpg

Spanish Group. Spanish text.

Jongie Jopie Association logo

Korean Paper Craft Association, site in Korean and English