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The diagram downloads on this site are in zipped GIF format.

Models of the Month, early set

download here

519 kb

all Wreaths and Rings

download here

147 kb

all Pleatfolds

download here


all Paper People

download here



download here

27 kb

dice series

download here

140 kb

bucky series

download here


bonus - Pencil (static drawing)

download here

8 kb

Josť Meeusen models

download here

265 kb

Ken Lam models

download here

110 kb

Francis Ow models

download here

65 kb

Mick Guy models

download here

51 kb

If you want any other chunks off this site, please email.


Individual diagrams can be downloaded by right clicking on the diagram and choosing "save" or "save as" from the resulting dropdown menu.

I provided the cursor text to give visitors something to do while waiting for their download. Your cursor will return to normal the instant you quit this page.