About that Crane


At the centre of the BOS logo is an origami model known as the flapping bird or crane. This is a Japanese traditional model which is a true masterpiece of origami. It's origin is lost in the mist of time. What is known is that it was connected to the Shinto religion and the folding instructions for the model have been passed down by word of mouth. To the Japanese it represents peace. Very appropriate for the BOS logo.

Another famous woodcut from the Sembazuru (a book with instructions on how to fold a thousand cranes - with many cuts) depicts a man folding a crane which is so realistic it metamorphoses into a real flying bird. Japanese prints show fabric bearing cranes. The earliest depictions are 17th century.

There is a sad story associated with the model too. In the aftermath of the atomic explosion at Hiroshima in the second World War, a young girl was confined to hospital. When she asked what to do to get better, the reply was "Fold a thousand cranes". Alas, so the story goes, she did not quite manage the task. Each year, to commemorate the anniversary of the explosion, folders from all over the world send crane models which are displayed in the Peace Park.

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