Origami copyright is similar to software copyright. The model is treated as intellectual property of the creator. The diagrams fall under artistic copyright. Briefly, the model always belongs to the creator unless the copyright is specifically sold on. Permission is always required to use a model (for financial gain). The diagrams cannot be used unless permission is given both from the model creator and the diagrammer, however if new diagrams are made then the new diagrammer owns the copyright to them and his or her permission and that of the model creator is needed.

All creators and diagrammers allow private use of diagrams and models. Commercial use is prohibited unless permission is sought. There isn't much money in the origami market, so most creators usually readily agree to their work being used. It is nice to be asked.

There are some models for which the creator's names are lost in the mists of time. These are generally described as traditional. These models do not need the creator's permission to be used commercially. The diagrammer does need to give permission. Describing a model as traditional is not a way round the copyright laws. If a creator exists, you can bet your bottom dollar a lawsuit is going to follow soon after publishing. The BOS is a guardian of copyright throughout the world and there are members in most countries.

The models in this site are not in the public domain, they are copyrighted. Please respect that copyright.