Origami Book List

origami booklist

This is my personal list and must not be associated with the BOS. It is based on the quality of the books and their availability.

There are several books available that contain instructions for models suitable for


Harbin Teach Yourself Origami cover

"Teach yourself origami" by Robert Harbin published by Hodder & Stoughton ISBN 0-340-56527. This book also has a section on the history of origami. Incidentally, Robert Harbin was a founding father of the BOS.

Biddle New Origami cover

"The New Origami" by Steve & Megumi Biddle published by Ebury Press ISBN 0- 09-177667-8

Jackson Step by Step Origami cover

"Step-by-step Origami" by Paul Jackson published by Acropolis Books ISBN 1- 873762-60-7

Jackson Complete Origami cover

"Origami, A Complete Step-by-step Guide", by Paul Jackson, published by Chancellor Press, ISBN 1-85152-748-6

Any of Paul Jackson's origami books should be good. Beginners may initially have to confine their choice of models to those presented at the beginning of the books as the models become more complicated as one proceeds through each book. As experience is gained then the whole of the book is used.

Petty Origami to Delight and Amaze cover

"Origami, paper projects to delight and amaze", by David Petty, published by D & S Books, ISBN 1-903327-08-3.

Kasahara Creative Origami cover

"Creative Origami" by Kunihiko Kasahara original edition published by Pitman ISBN 0 273 31 513 7 or "Origami Omnibus" by Kunihiko Kasahara, Japan Publications ISBN 0-87040-699-x.

More experienced folders

Brill Brilliant Origami cover

More experienced folders will appreciate "Brilliant Origami", by Dave Brill, published by Japan Publications, ISBN 0-87040-896-8.


Montroll Origami Sealife cover

Complex models can be found in "Origami Sea Life", published by Dover, ISBN 0-486- 26765-2, authors John Montroll & Robert Lang

Montroll Origami for the Enthusiast cover

or "Origami for the Enthusiast" published by Dover, ISBN 0-486-23799-0, author John Montroll

Montroll Animal Origami for the Enthusiast cover

or "Animal Origami for the Enthusiast", published by Dover, ISBN 0-486-24792-9, author John Montroll

Lang Origami Insects cover

or "Origami Insects" published by Dover. ISBN 0-486-28602-9, author Robert Lang

Montroll Origami Sculptures cover

or "Origami Sculptures" published by Dover, ISBN 0-486-26587-0, author John Montroll

In addition you might like to seek


Jackson Encyclopaedia of Origami and Papercraft cover

For inspiration look at "The Encyclopaedia of Origami and Papercraft Techniques" published by Headline, ISBN 0-7472-0416-0, author Paul Jackson. This last mentioned book has no folding instructions only colour photographs.

The BOS publishes a series of booklets which are inexpensive and contain many good models. These are obtainable only from the BOS.

Modular work can be found in the following books :

Books completely devoted to modular work

Fuse Multidimensional Transformations cover

Any book by Tomoko Fuse. For example: Unit Origami, Chukuma ISBN 4-480-04078-1 [Japanese text] or Multi-dimensional Transformations. Japan Publications Inc. ISBN 0-87040-852-6 [English text]. If you know the international diagramming convention then the text language is unimportant.

Mitchell Mathematical Origami cover

Mathematical Origami by David Mitchell, Tarquin Publications ISBN 1-899618-18-X

Petty Wreaths & Rings cover

Origami Wreaths & Rings by David Petty, Zenagraf ISBN 0-9627254-1-2

Mitchell Paper Chrystals cover

Paper Crystals by David Mitchell, Watertrade publications ISBN 0 9534774 2 8

Good section of modular work with other sections

Brill Brilliant Origami cover

Brilliant Origami by Dave Brill, Japan Publications Inc. ISBN 0-087040-896-8 [English text] see earlier comment .

BOS booklets :

Modular Construction and Other Twists by David Petty, BOS Publications.

Origami by Jeff Beynon, BOS Publications

More 'igami by Jeff Beynon, BOS Publications

Jeff-ori' by Jeff Beynon, BOS Publications

Multiplication by Jeff Beynon, BOS Publications


Kenneway Complete Origami cover

The best all round book giving background information as well as models and related activities is "Complete Origami" by Eric Kenneway original edition Ebury Press, ISBN 0-85223-617-4. This is also known as "ABC of Origami" and is supplied by the BOS in their booklet series. Highly recommended for anyone with an interest in origami.

Momotani Origami Course cover

My favourite Japanese book is "A Taste of Origami" by Yoshihide Momotani in Natsume Art Library series. Issued 1981, publishers number 0376-26102-5619 The basis was apparently a course in origami. There always seems to be something else in the book that I overlooked earlier. Level is beginner to complex.