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50th homepageDavid Lister memorial book

The BOS are preparing tribute to the work & memory of David Lister. It will be 100 pages, in full colour. We will be offering two formats (hardback or softback). The contents are identical, but the covers will differ. The hardback will be a top quality black linen-bound cover, with embossed lettering. The softback will be a full colour design. Both versions will be strictly limited, but an edition will ultimately be available via print on demand. No decision has been made about a possible electronic version.

We need to go to print within a month, so please share this as widely as possible - the more we sell, the cheaper they will be!

The contents have been taken from David's extensive archive (now in the care of the Society) and documents and images submitted by his origami friends. It contains David's musings on a variety of subjects, including letters, emails and actual documents. Some material from the Lister List on the BOS website is duplicated, but much of it is new and unpublished, as are many of the images. Both covers are subject to last mnute revisions.

Here are the contents:

A friendship, by Mick Guy
Correspondence - “Note of own interest in Paperfolding”
A History of Paperfolding
Correspondence with Alfred Bestall
Memories of David by John Smith
David’s Library by Nick Robinson
The Lover’s Knot in Mother Bridget’s dream book
4 Thirsty Birds by David Lister
Comments on 4 Thirsty Birds
Robert Harbin as I knew him
Correspondence - “Is it correct to call origami a Japanese art?”
The Convention at York, 1997
My early recollections of paperfolding
Correspondence - “Paperfolding for the first time”
The History of Paperfolding in Great Britain
Part of a post on Twisted Leather Purses
Masters of Origami, Salzburg 2005
Correspondence with Joan Sallas
Correspondence with Kathy Knapp
A short survey of the history of paperfolding
Akira Yoshizawa: the Early Years
About Kunihiko Kasahara
Correspondence - “Folding or Pleating”
Correspondence - “Criticism of a Critic’s View”
A tribute to David Lister
A family perspective on David by Richard Lister
Family photographs




And here are a few sample pages.

The anticipated cost will be £27.50 for hardback, £17.50 for softback, (plus postage) but these may be subject to slight alteration depending on how many orders we get. Postage still needs to be calculated, but if you are coming to the 50th Convention you will be able to collect your order in person. You can register your interest below. We will contact you with details of postage if you are not attending the 50th Convention.

Collect or deliver? I will collect at the convention I require it posting
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